Saturday, 26 March 2016

Knowledge # 5: Brush Lettering with ate Joyce!

Originally written on: February 06, 2016

It's been so long since my last post here on the blog! I know it seems like my Personal Progress stopped due to the lack of posts about my value experiences and projects, but worry not, I didn't stop. Everything has just been so busy that I kinda forgot or tossed aside the fact that I had a blog to run. Hopefully, I'll be able to keep this going.

Anyway, yesterday I was able to complete Knowledge # 5! We had a mutual last night and it was about Hand Lettering. I was looking forward to it all week because I've been practicing hand lettering for so long on my own. The workshops were way too expensive, but thankfully, our leaders knew a member who was a professional calligrapher and asked her to come over to our ward and teach the Young Women!

Introducing the very beautiful and talented, ate @joyceluga (look her up on IG to see more of her amazing works!). Fifth from the left!

She taught us the basic strokes, flourishes, and letters. I admit to have struggled many times, but not once did I feel discouraged because she was very nice and helped us through the process.

After the drills and crash course, we got to talk about the calligraphers we knew and it felt so good to be able to talk freely to her. She knew a lot of the calligraphers I mentioned and she has met them in person! We talked about materials needed, the joy of hand lettering, and her personal hand lettering experiences.

After that she did a demo for all of us and she wrote our names beautifully! I was so dumb struck because every stroke was so smooth and the finished piece looked amazing.

All in all, I am very very thankful for the opportunity to learn from ate Joyce and I enjoyed talking to her and seeing my fellow Young Women enjoy the activity and try their best on their pieces.

Heavenly Father has given us so many talents, and although we can never be the best at every single thing, we can learn. I am thankful that He has blessed us with a wonderful experience.

Believe it or not, I was saving this value experience for something or someone I was very passionate about. I didn't know it back then. This value experience has been empty for so long because I kept waiting for someone to just pop out with an area of work that I was interested in. Opportunities to interview people passed because I was too unsure if I wanted that area of work. 

The thing is, we shouldn't be scared to make decision or consider options about our careers and future jobs. I know that Heavenly Father will guide us in each step and He will never leave our side no matter what career choice we make as long as we follow His commandments and live his principles. Career seems like a trivial thing to think about sometimes, though, right?

I'm so glad to be back!


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