Tuesday, 14 April 2015

My Personal Progress Tracking Sheet (at the moment)

Before I begin posting about the Value Experiences I'm currently on, I would like to share my progress first.

I've been working on my Personal Progress ever since 2012 and here's my progress chart:

I'm not really sure if I'll be posting the Value Experiences that I've already done in the past, but I would love to, except I think I want to finish the whole program first before attempting to post a complete and comprehensive list of each Value Experience and Project.

I've only done 1 project in the past, and that's for Choice and Accountability (read more about my project here). This blog is my Integrity Project and I'm working on my Virtue Project, which is reading the Book of Mormon from cover to cover.

Also, I found something that might be helpful: Summer Personal Progress Challenge over at The Personal Progress Helper! It seems like a great idea, but I won't be doing it because I like being able to control my pacing. But I'd highly suggest others who just started working on their Personal Progress and wants to finish it in just 12 weeks to participate on the challenge.

That's pretty much everything I have to say. But, hey, share your progress as well! Feel free to comment on this post to share your thoughts, ideas, anything! =)

((*Dying* to get started on talking about Value Experiences!!))

The site is still work in progress, some tabs and pages still aren't working, apologies for that. After all, patience is a virtue! =)

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