Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Good Works Value Experience # 2

Finally, the first value experience I'll be sharing! It's under Good Works and is one of the required value experiences.

A word on Good Works, as you may (or may not) have noticed on my tracking sheet, Good Works is the value with the lowest stars or the least number of value experiences done. I'm going to be really honest and confess that I have a little problem with service. Don't get me wrong, I love serving! The feeling if being able to help other sons and daughters of Heavenly Father feels amazing. But sometimes I can get really lazy and that hinders me from serving. It's something I *really* have to work on and I'm glad Personal Progress is a way I can do that.

Anyway, sorry for rambling. Let's carry on to the value experience.

The time span given is two weeks. The requirement is to help obtain the food, prepare it, and help gather the family during mealtimes. I cut up the value experience in 3 phases:

PHASE 1: Grocery Shopping
I helped my mom with the groceries today even though it was such a struggle to get up earlier than usual. I realized how hard it must've been when she goes to the groceries alone, seeing that I had a hard time myself. It's a big responsibility as well because you'd have to budget your money and know what's necessary and what's not (the struggle to not grab the nearest Mars bar is real).

PHASE 2: Cooking
I absolutely have 0 talent in cooking. I just can't tell if it's already cooked or not, which is actually really dangerous. But I'm willing to learn. I've already had a couple of cooking lessons with my mom and my siblings before, but I still have so much room for so much more improvement. Anyway, I only have to prepare part of the meals, thankfully.

PHASE 3: Mealtime!
Last phase, time to eat! I actually want to make sure that the food I'd make would be edible.

And that's pretty much it for two weeks! I'll report back here when I'm done (hopefully I'll be back with a recipe or two!).

A few tips that I hope would be helpful!
  • Prepare meals that you'll enjoy eating! Learn to cook your favorite meal, even. It's so much easier to cook something you're looking forward to eating. It's worth all the sweat and effort put in preparing it. Plus, getting to eat what you've cooked up would be the best reward ever!
  • Desserts! You only need to prepare a part of the meals, so why not try desserts? There are a lot of easy dessert ideas all over the internet.
  • PLAN AHEAD! This is one of my biggest mistakes. I wanted to make Graham Balls for dessert, but I only remembered the ingredients I needed after grocery shopping. I just gave myself a second trip to the grocery.
  • Most importantly, pray for guidance from Heavenly Father throughout the value experience. =)
And that's about it! Just enjoy the value experience and don't stress about it. Let yourself learn why service is an essential principle of family living.

I'll keep you posted when I'm done with the remaining 2 phases! In the meantime, tell me if you're also working on this value experience or if not, which value experience you're working on, down in the comments below!

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