Thursday, 30 April 2015

Good Works # 2 UPDATE!

Yay an update! I've tried to help during the meals, but I want to share my experience in doing one desert that I did all by myself. It's very basic and relatively easy, but I honestly had a hard time! Haha! I seriously have 0 points for cooking, but well, I try.

Anyway, the desert I made was a Filipino Fruit Salad. Sadly, I wasn't able to take pictures while I was doing it (I was focusing and literally putting all my strength in it). But the photo above is pretty similar.

It was an A+ from my sister! 

The ingredients are as follows:
  • One can of mixed fruits
  • Condensed milk
  • Cream
I didn't put measurements because this is honestly the most basic of all deserts. The measurements depends on the person's preference on sweetness and creaminess. =)

I struggled so much with opening the big can of mixed fruits! We don't have a working can opener, so I had to use a knife. Please don't do this at home. When my mom does it, it looks so easy and swift, but wow, when I tried it.. well.. go figure. I sat on the floor for half an hour desperately trying to open it. I was literally on my knees asking Heavenly Father for help. Silly, but true. I know I should've asked for help from our neighbors or an adult, but I succeeded in opening it anyway! But, seriously don't do that. Ever. I could've lost a finger or something. 

Anyway, the whole process definitely pays off when you get to eat what you made. It was lovely. I swear its 100% better when you make it yourself. Definitely rewarding. =)

This also gave me an idea to relate this experience to our mortal journey here on Earth. Sometimes everything feels bleak and hopeless, oftentimes there are countless trials we have to face, but just like this experience, the end will always be rewarding if we do our best and follow Heavenly Father's path for us.

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