Monday, 13 April 2015

An Obligatory Introduction Post: Welcome to the Laurel Wreath!

Hi, I'm Andy! I recently turned a year older (and by recently, I mean 2 days ago) and I realized that my days as a youth of the church is slowly coming to an end. Which means the time to finish my Personal Progress is also coming to an end. So I decided to work on it this summer, but this time, putting more effort and really striving to get it done. I've always used schoolwork as an excuse to put aside my Personal Progress, but now that it's summer, I've got no reason to *not* do it. And this brings us to the creation of this blog.

Aside from having the Laurel Wreath as my Integrity Project (more about that here), I created this blog as some sort of guide to help other young women out there who are working on their own Personal Progress. I'll be posting my Value Experiences and Projects, Ideas, resources that can help, and a lot more. All of which are sorted and can be found up in the "Values" tab (right below the blog logo) or here for a quick link.

I also want this site to be helpful to fellow youth so I'll also be posting about my own scriptures study techniques, LDS life hacks, and all that I have and will learn from being a part of the church's youth. Everything under this category will be sorted and found in "Youth" tab or here.

The Laurel Wreath will also be a big help to me in documenting my last few years as part of the youth and my experience as part of the laurel class. The "Log" tab is some space for anecdotes and blog posts about experiences as a youth, such as events in church including seminary/institute, mutuals, stake conferences, etc.

(it's short for Andrea, in case ya wanna know and *YES*, Andy is a perfectly unisex name)

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